Shoppers today demand variety, availability and shopping flexibility. The trend for buying from online marketplaces has increased and is likely to continue to do so. Our online marketplace allows you to access more customers across Australia, 24/7.
Yes. Click & Collect is available to sellers with a pop-up location in any QIC Real Estate shopping centre.

You'll receive plenty of training and support as we onboard and teach you how to use the seller portal. There are three options available for getting your products on to the marketplace:

  1. Manual upload - manually create, edit, review and publish products via the seller portal.
  2. CSV bulk upload - upload product information directly from a spreadsheet.
  3. API integration directly from your POS - connections available for Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Neto, Magento and Apache (additional fees apply).
Yes. We’ll give you training and support as you get up and running, including plenty of guidance on how to use the portal as well as how to make the most of special promotions and campaigns.
Yes. You have full control over the products on display within your store page on the marketplace. You can update products, descriptions and pricing whenever you like.
Yes, depending on your subscription package. Your e-commerce consultant can provide details.
Yes. We will also invite you to join marketplace-spanning campaigns and contests.
Yes. You will have access to all data captured via ordering, plus additional insights based on your subscription package.
You can access your own sales reports and insights directly.
We cannot promise category exclusivity to any seller on the marketplace. The benefit, however, of being on a marketplace with sellers offering some similar products to you is that you are displaying your products to their customers too.
This depends on integration and the number of sales you receive. If you have API Integration, your only touchpoint is fulfilling orders. If you do manual or CSV uploads, budget for about an hour per week to manage stock levels and general maintenance (excluding time required to fulfill orders).
No. It is your responsibility to ensure all details such as price, photos, inventory levels and descriptions are correct. API integration would minimise the updates required.
No. We do not currently offer this service.
Yes. Speak to your business development manager about category commission.
Yes. You can retain your own carrier relationship or make use of our pre-negotiated carrier rates via Shippit.