Canberra Centre to welcome restaurant royalty
Apr 29, 2024

Cementing Canberra Centre’s reputation as a dining capital, a new concept from the visionary behind some of Australia’s most iconic restaurants is set to land later this year.


Responsible for iconic Melbourne and Sydney dining institutions including Chin Chin, Grill Americano and Society, restaurateur Chris Lucas (Lucas Restaurants) is regarded as one of the most influential players to shape the contemporary Australian restaurant landscape.


In a continuation of QIC’s existing partnership with the Lucas Restaurants – which began with Lucas’ Society taking up residence at 80 Collins in 2019 – plans have just been announced for the new Mediterranean-inspired restaurant Carlotta, which will open at Canberra Centre’s Scotts Crossing precinct later this year, further elevating the centre’s reputation as a magnetic day-night destination.


Drawing culinary inspiration from Spain, Greece and Italy, the 150-seat restaurant has been designed to cater to a growing appetite for sophisticated dining experiences in the capital, a city that has “a great food culture,” according to Lucas. 


“I’ve witnessed from afar how exciting and energetic the Canberra food scene has become,” Lucas remarked, “and I can’t wait to open Carlotta and work with the incredible array of local producers, growers and hospitality talent.”

Renowned for delivering ambitious dining concepts and exceptional customer experience via his stable of hospitality establishments, Lucas said he has found common ground collaborating with QIC, “We have a shared vision on how food – with world-class restaurants and bars – can transform a precinct”.


Of the new project, Martin Dowl, QIC General Manager, Asset Creation & Investment Management, says: “Following our successful long-term collaboration at 80 Collins Street in Melbourne, QIC is very excited to be partnering with Lucas Restaurants again.” He continues: “We envision that Carlotta’s presence within our vibrant Scotts Crossing precinct will serve to revitalise the city centre, infusing even more energy and vitality into the CBD’s nighttime economy.”


Construction of the new restaurant is currently underway, with a planned launch in spring 2024.