RAP implementation at GRE
Nov 23, 2021

In November 2020, QIC launched its second-generation Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), QIC's Innovate RAP. This plan sets out a number of deliverables which aims to build a better future for, pay respect to and build trust with Australia’s First Nations Peoples.


To support the successful implementation of the RAP, GRE developed an Indigenous Delivery Plan that identifies the areas where GRE can contribute to and influence QIC's overall deliverables. Procurement is one focus of the plan, which includes the implementation of QIC's Indigenous Procurement Strategy across GRE and a focus on the continued embedding of Indigenous themes within QIC’s procurement policies, alongside increasing Indigenous procurement at QIC.

To identify how we might increase procurement spend with Indigenous businesses, we first needed to understand our current spend baseline. The Strategic Procurement team found that in FY21 GRE spent over $280,000 with seven Indigenous businesses.

One of these businesses, Orana Creative, is a Supply Nation registered business and has been engaged by Castle Towers since 2019. Orana Creative’s team of stylists curate and style the Centre’s visual merchandising units from centre briefings to collecting product, styling display cases and mannequins and managing returns post display.

These visual merchandising displays creatively showcase a range of retailer product from apparel to beauty and homewares with the aim of inspiring consumers with latest seasonal trends and stimulating business for our retail partners.

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