Homewares display

Here, in collaboration with retail stylist Tracy Moores of Sydney-based events agency Lifestyle Looks, we bring you eight simple tips to ensure your product displays have high visual impact.

Visual merchandising tips
Getting your signage and entryway messaging right is critical to making the right first impression on passers-by. Is your store name easily visible from multiple directions? Is it entirely clear when your store is open? Is your product focus easily identifiable?
Remember you have about 10 seconds to catch your customer's attention, so it's wise to change your window displays every two to three weeks. Keep it fresh, clean, bold and colourful.
Colourblocking is a great way to capture attention. Keep it simple by using no more than three colours in a single display. Painting blank spaces in-store can radically change their look and feel, creating visual interest for both new and repeat customers.
Selling dinnerware? Then try recreating a dining room scene that sells the story of an elegant dinner party. Customers actually want you to make it easy for them to shop. If they love the overall look of the table, they are more likely to buy the salt and pepper mills, napkins and candles as well as the plateware.
Following the odd-number rule, otherwise known as the pyramid method, is an easy way to make your displays more appealing to the eye. Think three cups, five plates or seven bottles, for example.
A discounted-items display is a classic method for enticing customers across your threshold, but that doesn't mean you can skip the styling. Make sure even your least pricey items look desirable and change the display every two weeks or so to create a buzz around your offers.
Always remember the basics of good retail design: maintain spotless windows and mirrors, eliminate clutter, and keep ticketing clear and up to date.
Capitalise on all retail periods with new and inventive merchandising. Whether it's Christmas, Mother's Day, back to school or the changing of the seasons, a fresh display will help you convert sales among visitors who are already programmed to purchase.