Safeguarding our communities
Jun 30, 2022

Due to an increase in self-harm attempts across Australian shopping centres in recent years, QIC Real Estate created Project Safe-Guard.

Project Safe-Guard is a dedicated initiative that uses state-of-the art technology for early detection alerts of potential incidents of self-harm in our shopping centres, enabling security and first responders to intervene and support people experiencing distress.


The motion alert technology, being implemented in high-risk areas, is a first in the shopping centre industry and greatly improves our ability to respond swiftly to prevent potential incidents. When an alert is triggered, the image from the alerted camera immediately appears on the screen in front of the security guard in the control room. In addition to the alerts, red LED lighting flashes behind the main wall in conjunction with an audio alarm to ensure alerts cannot be missed.

QIC developed a self-harm audit tool with assistance from Lifeline. This tool was used in conjunction with centre staff knowledge and a review of the last two years of incidents at our centres to identify the high-risk areas for best placement of the motion alert technology within our centres.

In addition to intervening and supporting people experiencing distress in our centres, Project Safe-Guard also protects the welfare of our customers, staff, security team and first responders.

Outside of the reporting period, QIC’s Deb Palmer was acknowledged for leadership and innovative work creating Project Safe-Guard, receiving the prestigious Frank Lowy Fellowship in November 2022.

Project Safeguard

Demonstration of control room alerts


Project Safeguard 2

Example of analytics – crossing line. This scenario is demonstrating someone entering a rooftop car park after hours.

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